Arizona Society of Plastic Surgeons


Join us virtually for monthly mealtime get-togethers with fellow AzSPS members. Each event will feature talks from industry on topics relevant to you! Bring your dinner and appetite for learning to our monthly virtual meetings!

Upcoming Events

3/17/21 Eatin' Meetin'

Sponsored by Legally Mine
Guest Speaker: Ethan Marsch, Executive Director

5/19 - 5/26/21 ASPS Advocacy Summit

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Past Events

1/20/21 Eatin' Meetin'

Sponsored by MTF Biologics
Guest Speaker: Evangelia Chnari, PhD; Science and Data behind RENUVAA HD, Allograft Adipose Matrix
Jilian Calimpong, Surgical Consultant

12/16/20 Eatin' Meetin'

Sponsored by Mentor Worldwide LLC
Guest Speaker: Roger Wixtrom, PhD
Jason Liakos, Senior Plastic Surgery Representative and Senior Field Sales Trainer
Heather Cohen, Senior Plastic Surgery Representative
Christine Gervin, Senior Plastic Surgery Representative and Senior Field Sales Trainer

11/18/20 Eatin' Meetin'

Sponsored by MTF Biologics
Guest Speaker: Rahim Nazerali, MD, MHS
Jilian Calimpong, Surgical Consultant

09/16/20 Eatin' Meetin'

Sponsored by CooperSurgical
Guest Speakers: Clayton Moliver, MD, of the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Stacy Gabriel, JD, of Gabriel & Ashworth, P.L.L.C. and William Casey, MD, of the Mayo Clinic - Arizona
CooperSurgical Customer Care (800) 243-2974
Shane T Mytro, Certified Surgical Representative

10/21/20 Eatin' Meetin'

Sponsored by Galatea
Guest Speaker: Steven Sigalove, MD, FACS
Amanda Swanson
(623) 640-3009

08/19/20 Eatin' Meetin'

Sponsored by Sientra
Guest Speakers: Sandy Roos, Director of Practice Development and Blaine Hamilton, Director of Medical Affairs and Professional Education
(888) 708-0808 Customer Care

07/22/20 Eatin' Meetin'

Join us for a robust discussion on body contouring market insights with fresh content and highly relevant metrics presented by industry senior leadership.

Sponsored by Allergan Aesthetics, Body Contouring Division
Guest Speaker: Bryan Steckel, Senior Area Sales Manager & Field Sales Trainer, Allergan Aesthetics, Body Contouring
(888) 935-8471 Customer Care
(310) 755-8908 Cell